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Car foiling or wrapping is a paint alternative for individuals looking for a distinctive look of their car. The look can be created with films that come in high gloss colors, matte colors, brushed metal and carbon fiber. These films can also be easily removed without damage to the car’s paint.



Completely different to polishing, car waxing only involves applying a protective layer of wax on the car after being polished. To aid its protective abilities, wax protects the paint from the sun’s rays. Wax does not scrape off the imperfections of a car’s paint, however gives it a temporary shine and can be done regularly.

Window Tinting

The Car Spa is the official and exclusive distributer and installer of Scorpion Window Film in the UAE. While being nearly transparent, Scorpion is a brand that is designed for ultimate performance delivering exceptional heat rejection.



When car polishing is carried out, it is to wipe away visible scratches and swirls, sub-surface imperfections and to greatly enhance a car’s surface gloss by reducing a minute layer of paint. The amount of paint that is removed depends on the aggressiveness of the polish, pad, and machine used.


Windshield Protection

Windshield protection is an optically clear transparent film that adheres to the windshield and works in the same way as autobody film by protecting the windscreen of the car. It is designed to cushion impacts that can damage unprotected glass, leaving only a minimal pin-point on the film.


Undercarriage Protection

Cleaning the undercarriage of a car protects it from the dangers of rust that forms over time. The protection covers the vehicle’s most exposed areas from moisture, dirt, grime and salt.The process also prevents moisture and compounds from getting into exposed areas of a vehicle.


Smart Repair

Using a more cost effective technique, smart repair provides sophisticated methods that are developed to help maintain a vehicle in pristine condition without traditional expensive body shop repairs. This eliminates scuffs, chips, and scratches that affect the look and value of a vehicle. SMART repair techniques involve the use of unique products that preserve the integrity of the original paintwork and advanced skills where technicians ensure the highest standards of work. Services include: Full Service and car detailing Fabric and velour repair Leather repair Interior repair Paint damage Windscreen repair Headlight repair Wheel repair Paintless Dent Removal Odor removal


The term detailing is much more than a basic valeting. This is a service that can be described as cleaning the interior of any vehicle, be it a car or boat, using the recommended chemicals by removing visible (or invisible) dust, dirt, grime, and stubborn stains.It also involves the reduction of fading of the paint. In addition, detailing a vehicle consists of washing and cleaning all the vents and switches that tend to contain dirt and can only be removed with a proper meticulous process. It's a procedure that will go a long way towards making a car’s interior look "right”.


Ceramic Paint Protection

We offer a combination of the finest durable and clear products in the market that protect against swirl marks and deep scratches. There will no longer be stains on cars once they’re covered in Williams ceramic coat. Exclusively available in the UAE at The Car Spa, using this specific brand offers a high gloss permanent bond that is chemically and thermally resistant, anti-Graffiti, and super hydrophobic.

Car Washing and Cleaning

Hand washing, done improperly, can damage cars’ exteriors. The grit and dirt clinging to the paint will easily cause scratches and, the wrong sort of sponge or soap will inevitably damage and dull the color. Over time, the grime that builds up will cause corrosion.


Invisible Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is an optically clear urethane film that provides the best protection from the damage that small stones, insects, and other road debris cause when they nick, chip, or scratch the exterior surface of a vehicle. Preserving the finish of a vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) keeps it looking newer longer and can enhance its future value.


Rim Protection and Repair and Peelable Paint

The Car Spa offer Rimskins, an original method to protect wheel rims from kerb scrapes and damage caused while parking by delivering a barrier between them. They guard rims after various scrapes and can conceal present damage.